Sept 28 2017 DVar Torah

Rabbi Thomas A. Louchheim

All year long we go our separate ways and do our separate things. We live and experience reality in the material world.

During the Naim Noraim it is different. We Jews gather in holy spaces. Some on top of mountains. Others in sanctuaries. Together our individual reality becomes a communal one where we belong to the infinite. We join in the presence of the Divine and feel how "it" presses upon us as we sit and stand together, as we pray in English and in Hebrew, as we listen to ancient melodies pulsating through our bodies. Time disappears. Space on earth unites with heaven. As Rabbi Leo Baeck has taught: "World and eternity are here one word (עולם), both signify the same unendingness. We live in this unendingness and from it."

On Yom Kippur, I advocate that you meditate on the connection you will make between heaven and earth with each step and each breath you take. Consider your thoughts to be unified with the spirit of the Divine and promote words and deeds that unify heaven to earth beyond the Days of Awe.