Jewish Tucson Concierge Job Opening

We are looking for our 2nd Jewish Tucson Concierge since our 1st Jewish Tucson Concierge took a full-time position within our community. This is an exciting and dynamic position that allows the person to connect Jewish people with resources and organizations within our vibrant Jewish Community.

JOB TITLE: Jewish Tucson Concierge 

JOB TYPE:  Permanent, part-time (18 hours)

SUMMARY:  The Jewish Tucson Concierge is a community-wide “one-stop” referral and outreach service for Tucson’s newcomers and residents, providing a warm, welcoming response to individual queries. Concierge services streamline the flow of information to promote connections to all relevant Jewish programs, agencies, and synagogues in our community. The Concierge must collaborate effectively to provide accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased information that transcends institutional boundaries. The Concierge will track contacts and their interests and report them to designated Federation person for entry into the database. The effectiveness of the position will be assessed by participant surveys, follow-up interviews, joint analysis with website analytics as well as a variety of quantitative and qualitative information. The focus will be on building relationships and increasing engagement across our continuum of social, cultural, religious, spiritual, and education opportunities.


  • Establish strong working partnerships to promote availability of Concierge services to every participating Jewish agency, synagogue, and institution in Tucson
  • Become THE Jewish Tucson “expert,” responsible for providing customized, personal, and unbiased referrals to respond to the consumer’s specific need or interest
  • Offer multiple entry points for information, across diverse ages, interests, locations, & affiliations
  • Share contact information and demographics with designated Federation person
  • Track contacts engagement, including follow-up participant surveys and reports to constituent partners
  • Perform post-referral follow-up to verify successful transition to service provider
  • Maintain the Shalom Cart at the Tucson JCC and the brochure holder at the Jewish Federation to ensure that the most updated marketing materials from the synagogues and Jewish agencies are displayed in an attractive manner
  • Plan for and facilitate the monthly Jewish Business Networking group and the Jewish Artist Coffee Group
  • Manage the Jewish Tucson Concierge Facebook page and post regularly to inform the community of events and information from the local synagogues and Jewish agencies
  • Collaborate with webmaster to integrate and promote Concierge services via online communications and social media


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communications, Jewish studies, or related field
  • 3+ years of experience in communications, customer service, human resources, marketing, public relations, advertising, or a related field
  • Proven track record of effective interpersonal oral and written communication, interpersonal diplomacy, and relationship- and team-building
  • Familiarity with database programs and analytics, web-based communications, and social media

To apply for this position, please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]