Jewish Life


Find area that interests you and engage as a participant or a observer and find the Jewish connection.

Tucson has evolved into a harmony of cultures. Indigenous to Spanish and later European and other continents, immigrants have blended together to provide a variety ethnic and fusion populations. With this increase in population many merchants were attracted here to provide goods and services. Among these merchant families were Goldwaters, Steinfelds, and Drachmans, Fruchthendlers and among others. In addition to merchants there were many professionals and restaurateurs and University of Arizona educators. A second wave of population came after WWII with many Jewish and other service people at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Coupled with the recent profusion of Jews in the area, the Jewish influence is ever preset in Tucson life.

You will be surprised at the influences in the arts, the libraries, the book clubs, and the continued interest by Jews to participate in health, wellness and sports. Check the calendar for activities with a Jewish connection.