2020 & Beyond: Reimagining Jewish Life in Southern Arizona


In partnership with the Jewish Community Roundtable made up of Southern Arizona’s synagogues and Jewish agencies, the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona began 2020 & Beyond: Reimagining Jewish Life in Southern Arizona, a yearlong visioning and planning process for the future of Jewish life in Southern Arizona, in June 2019.

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The ultimate goals of this project are to understand the strengths and challenges that face our Jewish community and to create a compelling vision that meets the needs identified and supports our efforts to enrich Jewish life.

Throughout this multi-step process, we will learn more about what matters most to our community members by soliciting input from those who are actively involved, those who are not yet engaged as deeply as they would like, and those at the farthest periphery.


Project Timeline

June 2019 | Project Launch & Meetings with Agencies

The Rosov consultants visit Tucson to begin to familiarize themselves with our community. They meet with the professional and volunteer leadership of as many of the Jewish organizations and agencies in Jewish Southern Arizona as they are able.

September 2019 | Stakeholder Meetings

Communal leaders and stakeholders from four major groups are invited to speak with the consultants in a series of two-hour, facilitated discussions about the challenges facing our community.

October 2019 – March 2020 | Needs Assessment

Consultants collect both qualitative and quantitative data on our community to learn about the concerns, needs, ideas, and suggestions expressed by different groups of constituents. This includes 10 focus groups and a large-scale market research survey aimed at reaching hundreds of Jewish Southern Arizonans.

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TBD | Community Shareback Meetings

The Rosov consultants translate the complex data collected in the previous steps into strategic priorities and return to our community to participate in numerous in-depth conversations with community members about the findings.

TBD | Final Vision and Plan Developed

Community leadership and the Rosov consultants work together to synthesize the insights from the process to develop a concise, coherent, and actionable vision and plan for the future of Jewish Southern Arizona.

Ongoing | Implementation and Refinement

The community planning process will continue to evolve and transform as Jewish Southern Arizona grows, thrives, and matures in the years to come!


Get Involved

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All who are interested are encouraged to engage with this project over the course of the next year. Together, we will learn how best to advance our community and build upon our current strengths to ensure Jewish life thrives for generations to come.

Stay tuned for updates on the results of the survey by reading the Arizona Jewish Post or subscribing to the Jewish Federation weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page.


Our Partners

The Rosov Consulting Group is guiding the community planning process. These experienced professionals were selected from among several organizations that submitted proposals to the Tucson Jewish community leadership for review. In recent years, the Rosov consultants have worked with synagogues, Jewish federations, and community foundations, in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Montreal, among others. Learn more about their work at rosovconsulting.com.

Wendy Rosov and Pearl Mattenson

Left to right: Wendy Rosov, founder and principal, Pearl Mattenson, director, at the Federation and Foundation offices in June 2019