Secular Humanist Jewish Circle Chanukah Party

December 16, 2017 @ 11:30 am – 2:30 pm America/Phoenix Timezone
RSVP for Directions
SHJC--Becky Schulman

Light Candles for Courage and Freedom!!
For Members, Spouses/Partners, Kids, Prospective Members.
*Your menorah, nine candles, and matches
*Latkes (unfrozen, ready to heat) or donuts, fruit, veggies (applesauce, sour cream and drinks to be provided by SHJC)
*A wrapped gift of under $10. for gift exchange (we’ll have a separate gift exchange for kids; avoid gift cards if possible)
*$3.00 to defray expenses
RSVP by December 13 to Susan, 577-7718, [email protected]
Or Irene, 229-6166, [email protected]
Did you know? Long ago, in the land of ancient Israel, as winter approached and the days grew shorter, our ancestors believed that the sun was dying and that the world would soon be plunged into darkness. To prevent this terrifying event, fires were kindled on the hilltops to coax the sun back to life with a sympathetic flame. Every December solstice the sun seemed to renew itself through the increasing light of day; people rejoiced in the rejuvenation of the sun and the cycle of nature. This celebration became a weeklong festival of revelry and burning of lamps in anticipation of the sun’s annual renewal. The celebration was called Nayrot, which means “lights,” and it exalted the triumph of light and life over despair and darkness. (From a Chanukah packet by Rabbi Peter Schweitzer for The City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism in NYC.)

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