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The Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona empowers individuals and families to invest in stronger Jewish and global communities for tomorrow by creating an on-going culture of legacy.

It Starts With a Promise  - The Endowment Book of Life

It starts with a promise to help ensure the vitality and future of our local, national, and global communities.

By signing our community’s Endowment Book of Life held at the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, you are stating that at some point in your life you will take the time to create your own legacy plan.  The focus is on ensuring YOUR dreams, YOUR passions, and what YOU care about for future generations.

Since its inception in 1991, more than 700 individuals from all socio-economic levels and with varied interests have signed the Endowment Book of Life and have made this commitment.  The only requirement is a strong desire to give back to your community.

Your Legacy

 A legacy plan is a formal document stating how you want your promise to be realized – which organizations, institutions or causes are important to you and how you want to help them.  We understand that your passions and needs may change throughout your life, and if they do, your legacy plan at the Jewish Community Foundation can be amended at any time without charge.  All conversations are strictly confidential.  Our legacy experts are available to guide you in identifying what is meaningful to you throughout your life and how you can support these values, passions and ideals after you are gone.

The final phase of the process is the legacy gift. Some people choose to make outright contributions and see the benefits of those gifts during their lifetimes. In many cases however, the gift will be made by bequest through a will as a percentage or a specific amount of the estate.  Regardless of how you choose to fund your gift, you can rest assured knowing that you have helped the causes and the future sustainability of the organizations that mean the most to you.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to begin a legacy conversation, visit the Jewish Community Foundation website of contact one of our legacy experts directly.

Begin your legacy today and ensure stronger Jewish and global communities for tomorrow.

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