JewishTuscon.org is a community-wide resource established by the Jewish Community Roundtable (JCR) and governed by its Technology Oversight Committee.  The website seeks to strengthen the religious, educational, cultural and social life of the Jewish community of Tucson and southern Arizona through increased opportunities for connection to our agencies and synagogues, programs, events, groups, and activities.


Jewish Community Roundtable

In 2013, rabbis and leaders representing each of our community’s agencies and synagogues began meeting regularly to form Tucson’s first Jewish Community Roundtable (JCR).  The purpose of the group is to enhance opportunities to share information, coordinate calendars and schedules, and maximize resources by minimizing duplication, thereby expanding community-wide opportunities for Jewish engagement.  In the preamble to its covenant, the JCR acknowledged both the strength of a collaboration of local leaders as well as the need to preserve the diverse aims of member organizations.  In this charter document, signers established “the Jewish Community Roundtable so that collectively we may foster united action among our institutions and organizations to promote and enhance Jewish life in Southern Arizona while respecting the autonomy of each individual institution and provide and maintain a forum for the discussion and resolution of issues relating to Jewish life in Southern Arizona.”