Secular Humanist Jewish Circle


Secular Humanist Jewish Circle (SHJC) is organized to meet the affiliation needs of cultural, humanistic, secular Jews in the community and their non-Jewish family members/partners and friends. We welcome both individuals and families of all ages.

We come together for celebration, education, social and fun activities that celebrate Jewish holidays, history, culture, and life cycle events. Jewish rituals, services, holidays, and celebrations are observed, created and shared through a humanistic lens. We rely on sources such as reason, observation, experimentation, creativity, and artistic expression to address questions about the world. We seek solutions to human conflicts that respect the freedom, dignity, and self-esteem of our fellow human beings.

This is reflected in a key song of Humanistic Judaism, “Ayfo Ori?”

Where is my light?  My light is in me.
Where is my hope?  My hope is in me.
Where is my strength?
My strength is in me, and in you.

We are mainly a volunteer congregation, but a few times a year we enjoy the leadership of visiting rabbis. We are an affiliate of the International Society for Humanistic Judaism and have been a 501c3 since 2011.


phone 520-232-0226

email Sandee Binyon, President, [email protected]

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