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Interfaith Families

If you’re in an interfaith relationship and are looking for some answers or information, feel free to contact Brenda Landau, Outreach Director at 299-3000 x217 or

· Referrals to rabbis for lifecycle events (weddings, funerals, baby ceremonies, etc)
· Referrals to mohels for a baby’s bris.
· Help for individuals, couples and families interested in finding out about local congregations.
· Resource referrals for people exploring conversion

Below is a list of some synagogues that welcome interfaith couples:
· Congregation Anshei Israel 520-745-5550 (conservative)
· Congregation Bet Shalom 520-577-0252 (conservative)
· Congregation Chaverim 520-320-1015 (reform)
· Congregation Ner Tamid 520-322-6379 (reform)
· Congregation Or Chadash 520-512-8500 (reform)
· Temple Emanu-El 520-327-4501 (reform)