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Parents of Jewish Servicemen (PJS)







An online support group for:

• Jewish parents who have children in the Armed Services of any nation, such as Jewish sons and daughters in the US Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, etc.

• Jewish parents (in the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, etc,) who have children in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)

• English-speaking Israeli parents who have children serving in the IDF

• English-speaking Jewish parents from any nation whose children are serving their own country

• We all have worries, fears and pride in regard to our children. Let’s get together, either in cities or on-line to support one another!  Maybe we could even send Chanukah, Purim, and Passover packages to Jewish servicemen abroad or on bases, posts, etc. in the US.

• Would you like to be a part of this?  A Tucson, Arizona mother (whose son is in the USAF, and going to Iraq in December 2008) is starting this group. Reach her at  The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona is helping to get this idea launched.  Go to and click on the PJS (Parents of Jewish Servicemen) to be a part of this endeavor.