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Becoming a PJ Partner

Become a PJ Partner
How to help ensure the future of The PJ Library® in Southern Arizona

Although The Harold Grinspoon Foundation provides the infrastructure and administration to help us provide this program in our community we continue to seek local partners to help finance the cost of funding PJ Library in Southern Arizona.

Our partners provide financing for the cost of the books, music and the mailings for children in our community. Each subscription has an annual cost of $100.00. The local community funds the program at 40% and the national PJ Library funds the program at 60%. This amount covers the cost of 12 monthly mailings to families, who receive a PJ Library subscription without charge for the entire period of their enrollment.  We welcome all those who would like to participate in passing on the joys of our Jewish heritage by supporting this program.

If you have questions or would like more information about becoming a sponsor for PJ Library in Southern Arizona please contact: 

Sharon Glassberg, MC
Director, Coalition for Jewish Education
VP for Programming & Organization Development
(520) 577-9393 ext. 122/fax: (520) 577-0734