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The Israel Center is Tucson's central resource for all things Israeli.  From Israel travel information to cultural programs, community dialogues, and innovative Tucson-Israel Partnerships, the Israel Center is a living bridge between the people and institutions of Tucson and Israel. 

The Israel Center is a joint project of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and the Tucson Jewish Community Center, in partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel.

What is TIPS?

If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”
- african proverb

Over A Decade of Caring

The TIPS Partnership is at the heart of the relationship between Tucson, Israel, Phoenix and Seattle. TIPS brings together volunteers from these Jewish federations with the people of Kiryat Malachi and Hof Ashkelon to develop one of Israel’s most economically challenged regions. Read all it

The Friends' Journal

We are happy to send you the first edition of The Friends' Journal!
The Friends' Journal is a unique newspaper in easy-to-read Hebrew that was written by kids from our partnership's region about different topics in their life. This new initiative is an easy tool that made just for you, the Hebrew teachers, and we hope you'll find it as another way to practice Hebrew with your students, as well as a creative way to teach about Israel.
Please, feel free to share it with your college – this for you to use.
"The Friends' Journal" is another Partnership2GETHER project that written and produced just for you! This time thanks to Nitzan School students from Kibbutz Nitzanim.
Your feedback is highly important, please share with us your thoughts. Enjoy!  Partnership team

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Volunteer Opportunities in Israel

L'Yisrael: Start Your Israel Journey Here more

Planning a Trip to Israel

This document is a way to begin planning your visit to Israel.  It contains websites and contact information about tourism, study, volunteer programs (both short and long term) and Israel's history, government and people.

Click here for information.